Нужно ли чистить свою кровлю и как это делать

Depending on in what conditions your house is maintained, its roof can acquire a moss and foliage. Also spots of a mold and banal pollution from bird's concourses can "decorate" it. Also certain role in intensity of pollution is played by a bias of a roofing slope: the bias is higher, the pollution even are easier washed away by rain water, and the foliage is blown by a wind. Than more flat slope of a roof, especially problematic for it sees self-cleaning process. Moreover, on a flat roof there is a slow thawing of snow and a roof is exposed to longer test. In this regard it is meaningful to order the company services, providing roof cleaning.

If at installation of a roof podkrovelny ventilation wasn't provided, it will form the basis for safe formation of spots of a mold and a fungus that negatively affects all roofing design, to change of color of a roof and other.

More often owners of houses should deal with the pollution of a roof presented by a bird's dung. This question in the cities is especially actual, but also the country houses chosen by big birds for the perches meet also. Often this problem is solved itself – if the summer stands out rainy, a roof washes самотек. But if the bird's dung can't wash away even a rain, the host should make it independently. For this purpose it is enough to arm with a special cleaner as a part of which availability of alkalis as these substances promote active destruction of the aluminum and zinced details of a roof is undesirable. Using similar cleaning means in high concentration it is possible to break a paint and varnish covering with ease. Also plentiful use of chlorine-containing substances isn't recommended.